Kids Geiger Counter Lets Fukushima Survivors Scan For Radiation

Kids Geiger Counter Lets Fukushima Survivors Scan For Radiation
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'Peramos' is easy for anyone to use and understand, with LED lights and sounds for quick alerts.

Emma Hutchings
  • 17 april 2013

A geiger counter that’s simple enough for children to use has been developed for the Japanese market following a spike in demand for such products as a result of the Fukushima reactor meltdown. ‘Peramos‘ (short for “personal radiation monitoring system”) has simple controls and display so anyone can operate and understand it.

There are LED lights on the geiger counter that change color to indicate if there is an increase in radiation levels. They are green for normal, yellow for attention, orange for warning, and red for danger.

A Geiger Counter For Kids

Alerts sound too, with different noises for each of the stages. This means you can leave the device to one side and if radiation levels change drastically, you will be able to hear an indication immediately.

With full battery power, the geiger counter can be used continuously for around 18 hours. It is available from the Japan Trend Shop for $298.

Japan Trend Shop

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