GPS Water Bottle Holder Helps Track Down Stolen Bikes

GPS Water Bottle Holder Helps Track Down Stolen Bikes

BikeSpike tracks the location of a bicycle and shares that information with local law enforcement.

Ross Brooks
  • 8 april 2013

BikeSpike is a tracking device you can attach to your bike for added peace of mind. Not only can it track the location of your bike using GPS, it’s location can also be shared with local law enforcement to increase the chances of getting your stolen property back.

If you’re familiar with the find my iPhone feature, then you’ll understand the premise of this device. The main difference being this is for a bike, not a phone. With bike theft being a common problem amongst cyclists living in big cities, and just about anywhere else for that matter, this device comes as a welcome respite.

To keep things covert, the device looks just like any other water bottle holder you would have attached to your bike. Make it difficult for a thief to know whether or not they’re being tracked.


Not only can it help you track down your bike after it’s been stolen, it can also track calories burned, distance travelled and collision information. This way it doesn’t just have value when your bike is in the hands of thief, but from the moment you purchase one.

The creators behind the device have also been using Kickstarter to help fund the campaign, a hugely popular route for companies seeking additional funding for great ideas like this one.



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