Scientists Grow Test Tube Bones

Scientists Grow Test Tube Bones
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Bonus BioGroup has found a way to manufacture human bones from live fat cells, which can be used for bone grafts and joint replacements.

Emma Hutchings
  • 26 april 2013

Scientists in Haifa, Israel are going to start growing bones in a new factory, which will be ready later this year. Using an innovative technique, invented by Dr. Shai Meretzki, his company Bonus BioGroup will take live fat cells from patients by liposuction in order to manufacture the bones.

These could be used in bone grafts and joint replacements for patients, after the method of growing them in a test tube has been perfected. Meretzki explained the process of building bones to The Times of Israel:

We take cells from the body, usually by liposuction, and separate them into their specific components, to more easily and quickly take advantage of the regeneration process. At the same time, we make a 3-D image of the area that needs to be filled in — using a CAT scan or other method — and build a precise scaffold. We then add the cell components to our patented culture bioreactors, where the bones grow, outside the body. Once the bone is grown, we transplant it into the body. The bones are grown from the patient’s own cells, guaranteeing that they will not be rejected by the body. The result is a unique, 3-D, high-density bone graft based on multi-cell cultures, allowing the bone graft to be accepted by the patient better and faster in comparison to any other alternative.

Israeli Scientists Find Method To Grow Bones

Bonus BioGroup

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