Workshops Teach Employees How To Be Happier


Media agency sends its workers to a six-week "Happiness" course.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 april 2013

Happiness workshops are the way to a more productive workforce. That’s what media agency MEC North America had in mind when they decided to develop and pilot a six-week training program that aimed to teach employees how to be happier. The workshops were led by experienced executive coach and expert on happiness Helen Mumford Sole who also partnered with MEC on creating and testing the training program. The program touched on different concepts and studies on happiness including psychology, medical research, mysticism, quantum physics, and even the self-help movement. The goal was to help the employees increase their happiness levels through certain skills and techniques.

Before they started the course, employees who participated in the program were invited to complete the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire. They completed the questionnaire again at the end of the program and all of the participants were happier at the end of the training than they were six weeks ago at the start. The average happiness increase was 12 percent. One participant revealed a 32 percent increase in happiness and three showed an increase by over 20 percent. Post-program feedback also revealed that all of the participants enjoyed the program, found it useful, and would recommend it to friends.

The relation of happiness to success has already been studied and explored by many companies, including some of the most successful ones like Google and Zappos. The “Inspiring Happiness” course is part of MEC’s philosophy of inspiring and supporting its talents by providing programs that are not necessarily focused on business. According to CEO Marla Kaplowitz, it is the company’s objective to help their employees have a positive mindset and be more confident and empowered to achieve their personal and professional goals. The training program has shown positive results and has great potential for helping drive success within the organization and MEC looks to include the Happiness program in their people development strategies.


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