Heinz’s Musical Spoon Can Be Heard In-Mouth

Heinz’s Musical Spoon Can Be Heard In-Mouth

To play tunes, vibrations travel through jawbone into diner's ear.

Ross Brooks
  • 1 april 2013

Beans aren’t know for being particularly exciting, they’re often associated with college students who have allocated the bulk of their budget to alcohol, or long distance expeditions, when reliability, not speciality is called for. Things might be changing though; the fast food giant is trying to bring a bit more excitement to the experience of eating legumes.

This excitement comes in the form of a musical spoon created for Heinz by the food designers Bompass & Parr. What’s really clever is that the spoon doesn’t try to imitate your everyday singing birthday card. The music played by the spoon is actually inaudible until you bite down on it. When you do, the vibrations travel through your jaw bone into your ear, where you’re able to hear the song being played.

heinz flavor musical spoon

Just to make things even more interesting, there are five flavours to choose from, including; cheddar, garlic & herb, fiery chilli, barbecue and curry. The spoon you get with each one is loaded with a song specific to that flavour, plus there’s a custom bowl with each flavour to complete the experience. Ranging from one shaped like a wheel of cheese to another that is covered in spikes.

Who said eating beans was boring?!

Bompass & Parr



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