Honda Lets Drivers Test Lease Their EV In Exchange For Feedback

Honda Lets Drivers Test Lease Their EV In Exchange For Feedback

The vehicle has a special program available to customers in select markets while it continues to develop the technology.

Emma Hutchings
  • 19 april 2013

Honda is using a unique business model for it’s Fit electric vehicle leasing program, which will be available to around 1,100 customers in select markets in California, Oregon, and the East Coast.

By carefully controlling the volumes and the leasing regions, we can assure successful customer EV experiences, while continuing to develop the technology, lower costs and learn about consumer needs and wants. The Fit EV leasing program will provide us with important information as we continue to develop advanced zero-emissions powertrains—like battery electric and fuel-cell electric vehicles.

Honda Fit EV’s Unorthodox Business Model

The lease price is $389/month for three years, including collision coverage, maintenance costs, and roadside assistance service. This theoretically gives Honda greater control over the complete lifecycle of the vehicle, and only one lease option minimizes any admin costs related to financing.

One person who has signed up for the program reported some other interesting facts about the EV. With only a driver, it can use the car pool lane on California freeways, it is rated at 118 miles per gallon, and is only available in blue. By minimizing choice in this way, production costs are minimized and these savings can be passed on to the consumer. However, the identity and personal expression aspects of car ownership are also downplayed.

Honda Fit EV’s Unorthodox Business Model

Honda Fit EV

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