Photo Collection Depicts Hong Kong’s Massive High Rises [Pics]

Photo Collection Depicts Hong Kong’s Massive High Rises [Pics]
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Photographer Michael Wolf's latest work reveals the extremity of one of the world's most dense urban spaces.

Daniela Walker
  • 9 april 2013

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated regions in the world, squeezing 7 million people into 426 square miles. German photographer, Michael Wolf‘s latest project, ‘The Architecture of Density’ portrays just how tightly people in this city live together, with cropped shots of never-ending monolithic apartment buildings.


Wolf, who lives in Hong Kong, has spent the last ten years focusing his lens on megacities, and quality of life for city-dwellers. His latest work, which has been published as a book, creates a disorienting viewpoint of the city, by zooming in on skyscrapers and high-rise apartments, to show how vertical and dense Hong Kong is. By removing any sky or background, the viewer is confronted with buildings that seem to reach to the heavens and expand endlessly beyond the picture. You almost forget that these are homes, where people live until you see hints of human life such as plants and laundry hanging from the balcony.

The images are claustrophobic, overwhelming and a stunning examination of the spatial difficulties in Hong Kong.

Click through the gallery to see Wolf’s photographs.

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