Hyundai Creates Egg-Shaped Personal Mobility Vehicle

Hyundai Creates Egg-Shaped Personal Mobility Vehicle
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The E4U concept, which was unveiled at the Seoul Motor Show, moves using a rotating semisphere and encases the user from the waist down.

Emma Hutchings
  • 3 april 2013

Hyundai has unveiled a concept personal mobility vehicle at the Seoul Motor Show. ‘E4U’ is a yellow egg-shaped vehicle developed by the company’s Advanced Design Department.

It encases the driver from the waist down and uses a rotating semisphere to move around instead of tires. Two small safety wheels at the back function similar to the tail rotor of a helicopter, and when the semisphere is tilted the rotative force causes it to move.

Hyundai’s Egg-Shaped Personal Mobility Vehicle

Tech-On! reports that the driver can control the direction the vehicle moves by placing their feet on the semisphere to tilt it. When the left side is in contact with the ground the vehicle moves forward, and when the right side touches the ground it moves backward.

To turn left and right, the semisphere has to be tilted backward and forward. Hyundai started the development of the E4U last October and there’s no word on whether they plan to release it commercially.

Hyundai’s Egg-Shaped Personal Mobility Vehicle


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