Ice Vending Machine Dispenses 7UP As It Melts [Video]

Ice Vending Machine Dispenses 7UP As It Melts [Video]

A giant block carving of frozen water is an inventive new way to keep drinks cold.

Ross Brooks
  • 30 april 2013

The Melting Machine is a new guerrilla marketing technique that has been set up in Buenos Aeries by the soft drink brand. It’s a ‘vending’ machine made entirely from ice and offers up a unique way to get a cold drink on a hot day.

As the ice that makes up the machine melts, passers-by are invited to grab a 7Up, as well as invited to guess what time they think the last can will be freed from it’s icy encasing. This guess is made via Twitter and gives the company a great way to attract attention using social media.

7up ice vending machine

Here’s a few people enjoying The Melting Machine on a hot day:


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