Twitter Co-Founder Immortalized As A Comic Book Hero

Twitter Co-Founder Immortalized As A Comic Book Hero

Graphic novels take on the tech business as their subject matter.

Ross Brooks
  • 2 april 2013

The co-founder of one of the web’s biggest social networks is already a hero in some senses. Largely due to the fact he is also the CEO of Square, a company that allows you to accept credit/debit cards on your mobile. If running two hugely successful companies wasn’t even though, now he has literally been turned into a comic book hero.

Bluewater Productions has Jack starring in his very own comic book. He takes on a quirky version of James Bond, trying to hunt down a kidnapped inventor who’s invention could change the internet forever. The comic book pokes fun at some of his stranger personality features (as any good comic book would).

Apart from Jack Dorsey, the production company has also created a number of other comic books, featuring such names as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

So if reading about your favourite entrepreneurs on the internet and following their real-world conquests is no longer enough, now you can follow them into the comic book world and see what they’re capable of there. It would be wise to go in with a sense of humour, if the fact Jack Dorsey mind melds with a bison at one point is anything to go by.

Bluewater Productions

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