The Guardian asked seven top business people to walk through them their working day, including the bosses of AOL and Ericsson.

This article titled “What time do top CEOs wake up?” was written by Tim Dowling, Laura Barnett and Patrick Kingsley, for The Guardian on Monday 1st April 2013 16.30 UTC

Investigating the bedtimes of high achievers in hopes of divining the secret of success sounds a bit like looking to a novelist’s desk placement for the key to good writing. I want my characters to be believable – should I be facing the window? But there is no doubt that once you start examining the daily schedules of CEOs, patterns emerge. Some of the routine is dictated by the job, but a lot of it is the product of outlook and approach. These folks live their lives in a very directed way. How do they manage, day in, day out? And what can we learn from the habits of seven highly effective people?

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