Personalized Books Create A Story Around A Child’s Name

Personalized Books Create A Story Around A Child’s Name

Independent project lets parents create tale for their kids to enjoy.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 11 april 2013

Three fathers and an uncle started a DIY project,, that allows parents to customize an adventure book based on their child’s name. The main story line for the book is the same. A child wakes up one day to find that his/her name is gone and he/she goes on an adventure filled with interesting creatures as he/she goes looking for the letters of his/her name. Although the main story is the same, each book is personalized for any child’s name. The creators behind this project have written enough stories to fit approximately 14,000 names.


The adventure book is printed in the UK and comes in A4 size paper and on environmentally friendly paper. It is suitable for children ages two to six years, but many have purchased the book as a gift to the parents of younger children.

Going about the whole process of ordering the book is pretty easy and customers are able to preview their personalized book before finalizing the order.


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