Posters Painted With Melted Kit Kat Bars

Posters Painted With Melted Kit Kat Bars

To commemorate the last of the limited edition White version of the candy bar, one artist drew lasting testaments to the sweet.

Ross Brooks
  • 10 april 2013

The brand so famous for it’s “have a break, have Kit Kat” slogan has created a novel new way to enjoy your break – by eating it right off the wall.


Illustrator Mike Watt teamed up with the brand to create these posters. He used 50 melted down Kit Kat white chocolate bars to paint over a series of canvases. Once the edible paint had hardened, he carved a set of designs into the chocolate, bringing to life a collection of 50 different pieces.


You can see this creation process in the video below.

Kit Kat

+Kit Kat

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