LEGO-Inspired Foot Bridge Livens Up The Natural Landscape

LEGO-Inspired Foot Bridge Livens Up The Natural Landscape

A new concept bridge looks like it's made from the plastic blocks or taken straight out of a video game.

Ross Brooks
  • 9 april 2013

Footstep bridges aren’t something you would normally get excited about, but American artist Michael Jantzen is trying to change that. His latest project involves a conceptualised footstep bridge that looks like it’s made out of LEGO.

Michael’s idea for creating the bridge is to revamp the old, stale concept of a footbridge. Instead of just a functional way to cross the road, river or other impassable object, his footbridge aims to make you really experience the space.


The bridge would be made of three sections alongside each other. Two containing stairs that go up and down, and one with smooth ramps for cyclists, skateboarders or anyone else using wheeled transport. The stairs would allow you to get some exercise during your crossing and the fact the stairs go up and down would make you more aware of how the landscape around you was changing and andulating.


Michael Jantzen

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