Local Seeds Sold To Thrive In Rooftops Gardens

Local Seeds Sold To Thrive In Rooftops Gardens

Rooftop Ready Seeds come from plants that have been seen to thrive on the building tops of New York and Brooklyn.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 april 2013

Rooftop Ready Seeds, a seed company in New York, caters specifically to residents and businesses that love gardening on high ground–on rooftops, that is. People who garden would know that it’s not easy to grow plants in the city. There are plants that do well only in certain climates and locations. Rooftop Ready Seeds offer a line of seeds that are grown locally and grown specifically for the city’s climate and in certain planting conditions.

All the seeds offered by the company are open-pollinated, which means seeds can be saved and grown next year. The seeds are also cultivated in different rooftop locations around the Brooklyn area. The company also has a seed-saving partnership with Brooklyn Grange. Rooftop Ready Seeds are collected from plants that have been proven to grow well in an urban garden environment.


All the seeds the company offers are limited edition due to space limitations. Once a seed variety is gone, they’re gone until next year.

Rooftop Ready Seeds

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