Macy’s Turns To Pro Basketball To Revamp The Classic Suit

Macy’s Turns To Pro Basketball To Revamp The Classic Suit

The retailer takes inspiration for their men's line from players' bold styles.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 1 april 2013

Macy’s is revolutionizing their men’s line by modernizing the classic suit with inspiration from today’s men’s fashion trendsetters, most notably the larger than life pro basketball players. According to Durand Guion, vice president and fashion director for men’s wear at Macy’s, the current pro basketball players are just some of those who have helped influence the style of the “modern man” by breaking traditional fashion rules and mixing them up to create a look that’s fresh and different.

Based on NBA players’ pre-game and post-game outfits, we can see that modern men’s fashion is now full of bright bold colors and a mix-and-match of  prints and patterns. We also see non-traditional cuts and a slimmer and narrower fit and form when it comes to suits and ties. What used to be taboos in the fashion world are now considered part and parcel of the confident style of the modern man.

Macy’s brings special attention to men’s outerwear for its current men’s line. According to Guion, men are now expressing themselves through their choice of outerwear. There is a lot of creativity and innovation coming out with men’s coats, jackets and, of course, suits. For Macy’s, this means differentiating through print, pattern, form, and especially color.

Macy’s also gives special attention to the 13-30 year-old male demographics as these are the guys who want to stand out and be recognized as very knowledgeable of the trends.



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