Brands Reward The Healthy To Take Meds On Time

Brands Reward The Healthy To Take Meds On Time

Mango Health uses game mechanics and branded points to help users stick to a schedule.

Alan Khanukaev
  • 2 april 2013

Personal health management company Mango Health has launched a new mobile app that aims to help people better track their health and gain deeper understanding into their daily medication and supplement regimen. PSFK has written about the initiative before, but now it is live for any iPhone user.

According to the CDC, 80% of people take some combination of medications and supplements, yet 75% fail to follow prescriptions properly and most are completely unaware of any potentially dangerous interaction these substances may have with each other. Mango Health tries to solve these issues. First by providing detailed information regarding the medication and supplements being taken and outlining potential adverse interactions. Secondly, it introduces game dynamics into the experience to incentivize users and increase consistency and retention rates by offering real world rewards like store gift cards and charitable donations.

Mango Health-2

The app integrates a system of points and levels which ultimately unlock featured gifts. Through this, Mango Health manages to overcome the biggest hurdle in personal health management, consistency, which according to CEO and Co-Founder Jason Oberfest was greatly increased during the app’s 16-week beta test. He told

“During our pilot we saw excellent daily use of the app and overall consumer engagement. Our big takeaway from the pilot has been that game mechanics can significantly increase user engagement and change consumer behavior in health, and with the conclusion of the pilot we are officially launching this week.”

Click through the thumbnails below to get a better insight into the app:

Not only are consumers motivated by the rewards system, but brands are also showing an interest in being involved and associated with positive consumer initiatives like this. Mango Health provides a targeted platform for these brands to connect with consumers. And Today Oberfest announced that Target will be the first of the brands partnering with Mango Health. Oberfest also told

“We are finding that many leading global brands identify with our mission to help inspire Americans to get healthier. At the same time, we are also seeing that many brands appreciate the value we can create for them as health-oriented consumers tend to be some of the highest lifetime value customers. The Target announcement is a key milestone in our effort to create a new kind of platform for leading global brands to connect with these health-oriented consumers.”

For more insight, watch Jason Oberfest discuss the development of Mango Health at a recent PSFK conference in San Francisco:

Mango Health

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