McDonalds & Starbucks’ Universities Offer College Credits

McDonalds & Starbucks’ Universities Offer College Credits

Training programs are up for grabs from a growing number of Fortune 500 companies.

Lara Piras
  • 25 april 2013

Ethics and inventory management are just a few of the many courses companies such as McDonalds, Starbucks and Walmart are offering to ensure workers are proficient enough when applying for roles. Employers are stepping in where academia is failing after growing tired of receiving applications from under qualified workers. They are offering classes that can be taken for college credit towards bachelor degrees through the American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service, a corporation who evaluate and approve or disapprove workplace courses. Colleges can then decide whether they would be happy to accept the credits or not.

Starbucks offer courses called Barista Basics or Barista 101 where students at the City University of Seattle can earn one and a half credits and three credits for higher management courses.


Each year, McDonalds offers 5,000 of their prospective managers the chance to spend a week at the food chain’s Hamburger University located in Oak Brook, Illinois as part of a month’s online course to learn about business and leadership skills which in turn allows the students to receive up to 27 credits.

Mark Allen, professor and author of The Next Generation of Corporate Universities told CNNMoney, ‘What companies like is just-in-time learning that gives somebody a skill they need at the time they need it, what traditional universities do to a large extent is just-in-case learning.’

This trend is not only emerging throughout America but on a global scale too; it’s happening in India where tech giant Infosys sends its employees for 23 weeks of classes at their Global Education Center, Petrobas, one of the biggest energy companies in Brazil has a university in Rio De Janeiro and McDonalds is already a step ahead with Hamburger Universities in London, Shangai, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Tokyo and Beijing.

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