Java purveyors have become silent work spaces in this age of nomadic creatives, Public Coffee is creating a place for conversation.

A mobile coffee shop in Denver, Colorado wants to change the way patrons in coffee shops connect with each other. Often the preserve of freelancers and students, these java-pouring workstation hubs can be social places, where meetings are held, or friends get together. However, when the laptops and books come out, conversation comes to a standstill.

A collective of designers, entrepreneurs, business people and creatives have come together to revolutionize the role of the coffee shop in metropolitan life. The project, called Public Coffee, is essentially a traveling coffee van which holds a coffee bar and is constructed from a two-horse trailer. The interior decoration would all be done by the collaborators. The vehicle would stop at four areas of the city per week, either as requested or on the shop's own initiative.

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