What Ali Wore is a down-to-earth street style site that follows the outfits of one elderly gentleman.

Ali might not be the most fashion-forward or trendy person out there, but the style of the 83-year-old man has caught the attention of photography Zoe Spawton.

Everyday, Ali walks pass the cafe in Berlin, Germany, where Spawton works. Spawton noticed the intriguing and sometimes flamboyant outfits Ali wears, so she began documenting this in the blog What Ali Wore.

Ali is a Turkish father of 18 and is a doctor-turned tailor. Spawton started the Tumblr blog out of admiration and didn't expect it to be a big success, which is currently receiving over 120,000 hits a day. Spawton explained that, “I didn't ever set out to make a fashion blog. It's a documentation of our relationship more than anything.”

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