Ridesharing Service Helps Users Meet New Friends [My Ideal City]

Ridesharing Service Helps Users Meet New Friends [My Ideal City]

Singapore based MyRideBuddy helps offset the costs of transportation for over 1 million commuters each day through ride sharing.

  • 21 april 2013

Commuters are taking advantage of shared transport networks to get to where they want to go faster – and meet new people. Peer-to-peer rideshare provider MyRideBuddy, matches drivers with riders for carpooling and ride sharing in Singapore. The service sells itself by suggesting that it allows users to match up with like minded individuals to share a ride together.

To coordinate a ride, participants register as a Car Owner, Ride Taker or both via the website. The system then matches people based on their desired journey requirements and mobile numbers are exchanged to coordinate pick ups. Riders are charged a ‘ride fee’ plus a small transaction fee, which are passed on to car owners to offset transportation costs.


The founders of the program see opportunity in a city where 1 million rides take place in more than 500,000 vehicles every day.  The service facilitates more than formalizes the informal exchange of ‘getting a ride’, adding greater security, user agreements and payment transaction benefits to the experience while reducing traffic congestion, pollution and personal driving expenses. Overall the service seeks to make ridesharing easier and more accessible to a wide range of daily commuters.

MyRideBuddy is a good example of how travelers are utilizing social transportation sharing networks to pool resources around shared needs, enabling drivers and passengers to easily connect and travel together during busy commuting times. Another example is Lyft which offers on-demand ride-sharing through a mobile app.

Car owners are also able to use these systems to rent their vehicles when not in use. By relying on peer-to-peer networks which encourage the sharing of resources, shared transport removes excess vehicles from the road, limits fuel costs, and builds community.

Q. What journeys would you share with strangers?

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