Portable Pedal Powered Battery Powers Devices On & Off The Bike

Portable Pedal Powered Battery Powers Devices On & Off The Bike

New way to charge phones using electricity generated while users cycle.

Ross Brooks
  • 26 april 2013

The Siva Cycle Atom is the first bicycle-mounted generator that lets you power more than just the lights on your bike.

While riding, the device is attached to the rear axle of your bike and can be used to charge your devices while on the move. It’s usefulness doesn’t stop when you do, however. There is a removable battery pack which you can take with you when not using your bike. Provided your device uses a USB connection, the list of what you can charge is only limited by your imagination.


The device itself is only 300g and water-resistant for days when the weather is poor. The battery pack is 1300mAh and it’s output charge 500mA – which means it has enough power to charge your iPhone from nothing to 70%.

Touted as a new way to take environmentally friendly initiatives further, what better way to have less of an impact than by generating your own energy – using your own energy. You can currently secure one of the chargers on Kickstarter for a pledge of $95.


The Siva Cycle Atom

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