Peel Back Night Light Looks Like Portal Into Another World [Pics]

Peel Back Night Light Looks Like Portal Into Another World [Pics]
Design & Architecture

Minimalist wall-mounted lamp is molded to look like a loose corner of wallpaper.

Alan Khanukaev
  • 26 april 2013

The Peel Wall light is an innovative reimagining of the classic night light that adds an element of mystery and wonder to this tried and true nocturnal guide. Consisting of simply a curved plexiglass mold and an OLED, the lamp stirs the imagination by creating the illusion that the corner of the wall is peeling off, with light emitting from behind. The clever design conjures images in the mind of magic and fantasy, and stirs unlimited speculation of what might lie within. Which, depending on your child, could be potentially thrilling or otherwise completely terrifying.

Created by Japanese design firm, YOY, a Tokyo-based duo known for their range of projects that play on illusions and perception, this ultra thin lamp is only roughly 2.5 inches thick at its greatest depth. The use of thin, light materials like plexiglass and OLEds allows the Peel lamp to easily adhere to a corner of a wall and blend in nearly seamlessly with its surroundings. Even the power cord is designed to be relatively discrete, invisibly running down the corner of the wall.

While definitely a fun and novel product, at just over $1,000, the Peel light requires a fairly hefty investment in order to incorporate this particular element of whimsy into your home.


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