Phone Transforms Into A Remote Camera Trigger

Phone Transforms Into A Remote Camera Trigger

ShutterBox pairs with an Android device to turn it into a wireless controller for a DSLR up to 200ft away.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 april 2013

ShutterBox is a small device that turns your Android phone into a remote trigger for your DSLR camera. This development reinforces the trend of using smartphones to simplify and control our daily lives. From replacing our wallets, to setting our thermostats, and opening our front doors, smartphones are becoming like universal remotes.

ShutterBox enables you to trigger multiple cameras or several off-camera flashes remotely from your Android phone and also features smart sensors. With the push of a button, you can snap photos up to 200ft away.

It communicates wirelessly with the phone while sitting on the camera’s hotshoe and comes with a cable to attach to your DSLR. When you want to capture a shot, your Android phone sends a signal to the ShutterBox, which then releases the camera’s shutter.

Turn Your Smartphone Into A Remote Camera Trigger

With our patent pending technology, you will be able to extend the capabilities of the smart device giving you a complete range of triggering capabilities from a single image to photoburst, lightning, time lapse, motion and others (including off-camera flashes)! Photographs such as lightning, or remote triggering for hard-to-get photographs such as wildlife or sports events will be much easier to acquire.

ShutterBox is available from Kickstarter for an introductory price of $199 and you can check out the campaign video below for more info:


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