French Art Museum Sends Pop-Up Gallery On Mobile Tour Around The Country

French Art Museum Sends Pop-Up Gallery On Mobile Tour Around The Country

Centre Pompidou goes nomad as a compact version showcases several of its exhibits around France.

Betsy Mead
  • 1 april 2013

French residents who crave some culture, but don’t reside in Paris, could find one of the city’s greatest attractions hitting their town. The Centre Pompidou, a celebrated Parisian institution, is bringing several of its wares on a tour across France via the The Centre Pompidou Mobile, a balloon-like structure that will do the rounds of the country in a tent designed by architect Patrick Bouchain. According to website Imagination For People, is the first of its kind in the world.


The colorful contraption, which will feature 14 of the museum’s exhibits, is composed of three diamond-shaped tents that together take up nearly 700 square meters. The interior of the mobile museum, in contrast to the medley of hues in its exterior, is stark and white inside.


The initiative, which made its first stop in October 2011 at  Chaumont-sur-Marne, was conceived of as a joint venture between The Centre Pompidou and The French Ministry of Culture.  The travelling pantheon of culture will also visit Cambrai, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Havre and Aubagne.


The experiment could serve as an example to other large institutions keen to disseminate their artistic treasures beyond their immediate geographical area, but any such project would not be cheap. The Centre Pompidou Mobile required 2.5 million dollars to envision and construct, funded primarily by The Ministry of Culture and corporate sponsors, and cost 400,000 euros per stop, half of which was covered by “local partners.”


Centre Pompidou Mobile


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