Pop-Up Cafe Built Entirely Out Of Garbage [Video]

Pop-Up Cafe Built Entirely Out Of Garbage [Video]
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Students at Newcastle University created the walls, chairs and other components out of drink bottles, cardboard boxes and plastic bags.

Emma Hutchings
  • 29 april 2013

Students and staff at Newcastle University have created a pop-up cafe built entirely out of upcycled waste, including plastic drink bottles and cardboard boxes. The team spent three months designing and constructing the cross disciplinary project, which was contributed to by engineers, architects and social scientists.

The U-Cafe was designed to challenge our perception of waste and explore new ways of creating sustainable buildings. It features chairs made from plastic bottles, walls constructed using cardboard boxes, and staff aprons made out of recycled plastic bags.

Pop-Up Cafe Built Entirely Out Of Upcycled Waste [Video]

The team collected waste material and designed the building components so they could be easily dismantled and moved to another location. Each component was labelled with a QR code that links to the project website so visitors to the cafe can explore the materials in more detail and see how the structure has been scavenged and put together.

The U-Cafe was open at the university’s main campus earlier this month, before being flat-packed. It is due to reopen in various locations around the region and will also feature as part of this year’s British Science Festival in September. You can see the cafe’s construction in the video below:


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