How Would Past Presidents Design Their Personal Branding? [Pics]

How Would Past Presidents Design Their Personal Branding? [Pics]

A young creative attempts to give each of the presidents their own logo.

Ross Brooks
  • 30 april 2013

Branding The US Presidents is a Tumblr project from Meg Jannot which aims to give each of the US president’s their own unique brand identity.

While it’s safe to say each of the presidents over time were very different from each other, exactly how to represents this graphically is what makes the project so interesting.

Covering 40 US presidents that date right back to George Washington, each of them has a tell-tale characteristic or symbol which the artist has tried to incorporate into most of the designs – even the typefaces feel characteristic of some of the presidents.


Here’s a few hand-picked pictures from the collection:

Branding The US Presidents

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