Fashion Forward Prosthetics Feature Robots And Pythons [Pics]

Fashion Forward Prosthetics Feature Robots And Pythons [Pics]

The Alternative Limb Project creates customized limbs that offer more exciting options for those in need.

Yi Chen
  • 11 april 2013

Sophie de Oliveira Barata is a prosthesis designer and recently launched The Alternative Limb Project. The studio thinks out of the box to create unique and eye-catching prosthetic limbs. Customers can choose from three options: realistic, surrealist, and unreal.

The realistic prosthesis are life-like created using silicon-based materials that look like real skin. Each prosthetic limb is customized to match the wearer’s skin tone, texture, and body type.


The surreal limbs merge real-life and imagination together. Some of the examples include bionic components set into the silicon skin, and skin that metamorphosizes into another species, such as a python.


Finally, for the unreal option anything goes. It can be inspired by a drawing or a painting, and can include electronic elements such as lights, mirrors, and unusual color tones like U.V., metallic, and pearlescent.


Take a look at the gallery to browse more creations from The Alternative Limb Project.

The Alternative Limb Project

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