Rape Protection Lingerie Shocks Attackers

Rape Protection Lingerie Shocks Attackers

A new undergarment designed by students in India would help victims fend of rapists while simultaneously alerting the authorities.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 9 april 2013

With the recent string of highly violent and highly publicized incidents of rape in world news, advocates are pursuing all avenues in an attempt to increase women’s safety. While legislative and judicial remedies are often slow and only capable of retroactively seeking justice after the fact, a new device may help women fend off attackers.

Created by three engineering students at Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University in India, the Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE) is intended to work as a wearable, pressure-sensitive stun gun.

Designed as a woman’s undergarment/brassiere to be worn around the chest, SHE lingerie is embedded with wires in the bust area near the rib cage that are capable of delivering a 3,800kV electrical impulse. Since research shows a tendency for most sexual assaults to begin with the assailant accosting the victim around the neck and chest, the underwear was designed to react to pressure exerted on these areas.

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The student team of Niladri Basu, Rimpi Tripathy, and Manisha Mohan designed the undergarment with a polymer lining to protect the wearer from receiving a shock themselves (and no, they would not receive the contact current that travels through the assailant). Concurrently with the electric shock, a module within SHE sends an alert of the attack to police and parents, or programmed contact persons, with GPS coordinates to respond.

The team is hoping that SHE will be ready for production on a mass scale near the end of April.

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