Rent A Car Through Facebook

Rent A Car Through Facebook

New social aspect has been introduced to transportation options through peer-to-peer networks.

Ross Brooks
  • 17 april 2013

RelayRides is the peer-to-peer rental startup which has grown as a phenomenal rate and now has cars listed in 1450 cities across the US, covering all 50 states. There’s still the issue of what to do when you want to visit an area where the supply of rental cars available is limited? That’s where “Renting Social” comes in.

“Renting Social” is a new feature offered by the company that allows you to use social media to spread the word that you’re interested in renting a car. The new service was introduced as a way to buffer supply in areas where there is relatively little.


You can list the duration you need a car for, along with the location on Facebook. This will show up in the users news feed, and if there’s anyone with a car available in the area, they can reply to the listing. With sharing being the norm on social networks, chances are the request could go further than just one set of contacts, increasing the likelihood of someone coming forward with a suitable vehicle.

The new feature is also likely to increase awareness of RelayRides on the whole, which could add further to it’s astronomical 300% growth year-over-year.


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