The film critic who revolutionized the way society thought about movies passed away yesterday at age 70.

This article titled “Roger Ebert: stimulating, authoritative critic with formidable internet presence” was written by Peter Bradshaw, for on Friday 5th April 2013 09.15 UTC

The last email I received from Roger Ebert was a brief note three years ago, after I had written about his remarkable courage and candour in revealing to the world the effects of surgery on his jaw, following a cancer operation. I had also included his 1988 book Two Weeks In The Midday Sun: A Cannes Notebook in my top 10 list of books about the Cannes festival – it's a tremendously engaging and readable memoir about Cannes and the south Of France; incidentally, it includes Ebert's own line drawings. “I hope Chaz and I run into you at Cannes in May,” he wrote – Chaz of course being his wife, and the absolute bedrock of his personal and professional life. Sadly I never did get to see him, or rather I saw him only from afar, in the Cannes Palais, surrounded as he always was by a gaggle of friends and admirers.

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