Website Allows Strangers To Share Excess Food Online

Website Allows Strangers To Share Excess Food Online
Arts & Culture wants to curb the amount of food wastage by facilitating the gifting of unwanted provisions.

Daniela Walker
  • 25 april 2013

Earlier this year, a report came out stating that around 2 billion tons, or half the food produced in the world, is thrown away annually. In German, an average person throws away around 80 kilos of food per year. As a response to our culture of food wastage, a German website,  promotes sharing rather than throwing away, serving as a marketplace for unwanted but still edible food.

The site allow people to advertise surplus food for free, so that those who may be in need – or simply in want – can benefit. The system is set up that so that less food ends up in landfills and more on peoples’ plates. The fact that is free on both ends, both to advertise food and to receive food, emphasizes the moral duty to share unwanted goods. A statement on the website reads:

People share food. No money should exchange hands here, because sharing also has an ethical dimension. We want to reinstate the spiritual, non-material value of food, because it is more than just a commodity.

In Bielefeld, there is basket of 15 rye rolls up for grabs, while in Mecke, someone has 250g of icing sugar that ought not go to waste. You can search through the listed ‘food baskets’ or you can also search for specific food items, which are located on a map. The website then puts you in contact with the provider, so that you can arrange an easy pick-up. There are no rules for how much food you can give away, or what kind, the only rule on

Don’t pass anything on to others which you wouldn’t eat yourself.

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