Music identification app expands its capabilities to fashion finding.

Technology tends to integrate itself slowly into our lives so that we cannot remember a time when it didn't exist. How did we search for things before we Googled them? How did we discover new music before we Shazamed it? Now, the music identification company is seeking to change the way we interact with TV and fashion, by developing Shazam to include a means of identifying the fashion you see on television.

To identify a song, Shazam uses a sample of audio content and matches it to a vast database. The company has expanded this audio tagging to its TV feature within the app. Users can tag TV shows, which will pull up content on the show such as trivia, cast bios and merchandise. It is within this feature, that Shazam is seeking to increase consumer engagement by allowing them to tag the TV show to find out what the cast are wearing, and then link them directly to an online store.

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