Shipping Containers Repurposed To House The Homeless

Shipping Containers Repurposed To House The Homeless

Thirty six converted containers are expected to help ease the city of Brighton's housing need.

Emma Hutchings
  • 30 april 2013

A number of converted shipping containers are going to be offered as temporary accomodation for homeless people in Brighton, UK. Planning permission has been secured by the Brighton Housing Trust for five years to help ease the city’s housing need.

BBC News reports that the thirty six studio homes, which will be linked by walkways, are going to be installed in a former scrap metal yard. They will be built in three and five story blocks, with balconies and external stairs to the upper levels.

Shipping Containers Used To Tackle Homelessness In The UK

The containers will be allocated to homeless people with a local connection and are meant to be a move on from supported housing. Planning officers recommended the approval, saying that the converted containers were an “imaginative and appropriate” way to meet a real need for accommodation.

Brighton Housing Trust

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