Design Firm & Smart Car Launch Collection For Urban Living

Design Firm & Smart Car Launch Collection For Urban Living

BoConcept joins the automaker in a signature collection for small spaces.

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  • 4 april 2013

Smartville is a collaboration between Danish furniture and accessories retailer BoConcept and smart car. The two brands are united by the central concern of designing for city life. They both grapple with the challenges on condensing intelligent solutions into a compact space. With the ultimate goal of reducing stress in urban dwellers lives and the spaces they inhabit, BoConcept’s Collection & Visuals Director Claus Ditlev Jensen explains the partnership:

To me, smart is not just a car. It is a statement of urban living and the perfect city car in terms of beautiful, functional design. Both Smart and BoConcept have years of experience within each of our industries, and we put our knowledge and understanding to great use in making urban living easy. We share the commitment to strong focus on urban life

Having gathered awards and accolades since its debut in 1997, the eco-friendly French car is currently owned by Mercedes-Benz USA. PSFK was invited to the preview launch last week to attend a presentation highlighting the details of what makes the collaboration special.

A key insight we had is that smaller brands like smart car are able to take design risks that Mercedes-Benz itself would not be able to take on. In the Smartville collaboration, established trends in interior design change what is acceptable to have in an automobile. For example, “a matte surface has been a no-no in the car industry for years while in home interiors, it is considered to be a warm, welcoming surface.” Then in citing Martin Hülder, the press release reads “the BoConcept team came up with the excellect idea to add neon yellow to the color scheme. Just as it is used in the Smartville collection, the neon colors are only used in very small bursts to bring character without taking away from the exclusivity of the design.” Naturally, this does not mean or suggest that a major brand like Mercedes-Benz does not take risks, but that such brands enter collaboration with a different spirit, perhaps one that is less reserved.

Click through to see images from the launch:

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