Cider Brand Spoofs Apple Store In Latest Ads [Video]

Cider Brand Spoofs Apple Store In Latest Ads [Video]

Somersby creates buzz with their ad parodying the hype that takes place around a product launch by the famous tech company.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 4 april 2013

A recent ad by Somersby Cider, a brand of the Carlsberg Group, is a spoof of all the hype and intensity surrounding a launch of a new Apple product. The ad captures most of the things you’ve seen and heard on the news or experienced first hand about these famous Apple product launches, including the ridiculously long queue of people excited to get their hands on the latest product and eager customers trying out the product for themselves.


The ad also makes a play on popular Apple product features. One example is of a scene where a couple asks the store employee if ‘it’s wireless’ and the employee responds immediately that it is ‘completely wireless’ as he waves his hand around the glass of Somersby cider to show the obvious absence of wires. Another scene shows a store employee telling a customer that with just ‘one click’ they’re connected–the click being the sound of two people touching their glasses together in a toast. The ad also features the main component of the product–apples!


Somersby ads have been known to allude to the latest trends in technology and society. One of their previous ads was called “The Wall,” a parody of the social network phenomenon.

Watch the video for yourself.

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