Startups Paired With Established Companies For Office Sharing

Startups Paired With Established Companies For Office Sharing

PivotDesk pairs companies with excess office space with entrepreneurs who need short term rentals.

Daniela Walker
  • 29 april 2013

Starting up a business can be a Herculian task. You have an idea but seeing it come to fruition requires a lot of work, gumption and a little bit of luck. One the greatest hurdles for entrepreneurs can be finding an office space to nurture your new business. The traditional property rental model, which is based on a long-term leases, may not be suitable for a company just getting off the ground and unsure of its own success. PivotDesk wants to ease the ordeal by streamlining the process and making it a transparent, online transaction that joins established companies with space to spare, with startups looking for space to grow.

PivotDesk allows host businesses, who have already signed long-term leases but don’t use all their space, to rent it out on a monthly basis to smaller businesses who aren’t ready to sign such a lease. The beauty of PivotDesk is that it works much like a dating service – it doesn’t just set up two random companies together, but rather takes into account the unique characteristics and idiosyncrasies of a company’s dynamic to build a profile that includes various factors such as habits, environment and noise level preferences as well as the number of employees and the industry. The host companies are listed anonymously, so guests aren’t swayed by the company name but rather whether they would get along in that environment and work culture.


Also like a dating service, both parties must be interested for the deal to go forward. Guests (those looking for a space) can search for a space (which are listed by location first) and PivotDesk enables swift communication between Host and Guest. Deals that may have taken weeks to make, can be completed in a couple of days. To make a profit PivotDesk takes a 10% commission each time the monthly lease is renewed.

While PivotDesk is available in Denver, San Francisco and New York, the company is currently crowdsourcing for the next city, asking entrepreneurs to vote for their city. The city with the most votes will see PivotDesk launching there, helping startups find the perfect temporary office space to see them through their growing pains.


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