Expanded Storage Possibilities Could Include The Moon

Expanded Storage Possibilities Could Include The Moon

Start-up company aims to create means for future commercial activities beyond the planet earth.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 5 april 2013

Moon Express, a start-up lunar resource company, has plans that are not of this world and they mean that literally. The Google Lunar X Prize competitor has plans of doing business on earth’s only natural satellite. The company’s mission is to establish ways to do commercial activities on the moon.

CEO Bob Richards believes that the moon is the next step in not only the world’s economics but the entire solar system’s as well. Moon Express wants to help any institution, business or individual send whatever they need to the moon. Not only that, the company also has plans of mining resources from the moon for the benefit of the earth.


The company is considered one of the top competitors on the Google Lunar X Prize competition and it hopes to land the prize using a small lander based on a former NASA project. The company is working with NASA to modify and develop the small lander for the competition. The company’s young workforce of engineers and workers are working doubly hard to get more funds for their project and make the competition deadline.

Moon Express plans to do exploratory activities and assess how they can develop commercial activities on the famous rock by sending several robotic spacecraft to the moon. Whatever the outcome of the Google Lunar X Prize competition will be, the company is dead set on becoming a business that can deliver and bring back material to and from the moon.


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