Supermarkets Hiring Dietitians To Help With Sales

Supermarkets Hiring Dietitians To Help With Sales

Health professionals are the latest employees at major chains.

Ross Brooks
  • 19 april 2013

With the issue of health being at the forefront of many shoppers minds, it’s no surprise that supermarkets are starting to turn to the people best positioned to provide expert advice – dieticians. This means it’s the people who can balance calories – not finances, that are becoming most valuable.

86% of supermarkets already employ dieticians in-house as advisors on a corporate level but now the number of dieticians out on the shop floor is set to increase, with a recent survey citing one-third of stores having a retail dietician.


Heather Illg is one such expert who currently works at a branch of the grocery chain Hy-Vee in Iowa – one of the first companies to start experimenting with the idea. She provides advice about the best foods to buy depending on the shopper’s goal,  which could be losing weight or avoiding an allergic reaction. Other supermarket chains adopting a similar stance include Wegmans and Giant Eagle.


There are currently 500+ retail dieticians, with that number set to double over the next two years. Not only will this bring a valuable new aspect to your daily shop but it will also help educate those who haven’t been able to seek out their own information on proper diet and nutrition.

Hy-Vee Dieticians




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