Specialized GPS Tracks Down Nearest Girl Guide Cookie Seller

Specialized GPS Tracks Down Nearest Girl Guide Cookie Seller

The Cookie Locator app helps users find their next sugar fix.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 8 april 2013

The Girl Scouts continue to make use of technology and the internet to modernize their selling system. The organization has released a new app that focuses on their Girl Scouts cookie program. With the Cookie Locator people can find the nearest cookie seller in their area. The app uses GPS and vendors can choose to sign in and let their location be known to anyone using the app.


The app is a step up from the cookie locator website that lets people find sellers by typing in their zip code. The app also includes information about the sellers and the products. It’s another way to help the sellers market themselves. The app, however, is not a move towards online selling and buying of the cookies because that would go against the Girl Scouts mission of helping young girls learn through direct interaction with others.


Like most apps, the Cookie Locator app is not all business. It not only helps you find the nearest Girl Scout cookie seller, but it also includes a few fun things like a cookie personality quiz, videos, recipes, and nutrition facts about your favorite cookies.


The app is free and available for Android and iPhones. Even if you don’t have an iPhone or Android, you can use a web-enabled smart phone to access the Cookie Locator. Watch a quick video overview of these cookie locator apps below.

Cookie Locator

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