Laminated Timber Apartment Building Opens Up Construction Possibilities

Laminated Timber Apartment Building Opens Up Construction Possibilities
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Victoria Harbour in Melbourne is now the home of 'Forte', which was built using the revolutionary new material.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 april 2013

Forté is the world’s tallest residential timber building. Situated in Melbourne’s Victoria Harbour, the 32-meter structure stands as a precedent for what can be accomplished with the material.

The 10-story building, by Australian developer Lend Lease, was built from Cross Laminated Timber, a revolutionary new building material. The walls, floor and ceiling are all solid timber, which is strong and natural, providing a softer and warmer living experience.

The World's Tallest Timber Apartment Building

Timber reduces concrete use, which has an energy intensive construction process that creates a lot of greenhouse gases and contributes to the high carbon footprint of most buildings.

The carbon footprint of this building has been decreased significantly and the concrete used in Forté contains high fly ash content. This is just as strong but lighter and more energy efficient than usual.

Not only is timber a much more environmentally sustainable material, but according to TreeHugger the building was 30% faster to build, had less construction traffic, caused less disruption and less waste. You can check out a time-lapse video of the building’s construction below:


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