Twitter App Rates The Potential For Employees To Get Fired

Twitter App Rates The Potential For Employees To Get Fired

FireMe! tool checks the likeliness of you getting laid-off based on your job-related tweets.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 1 april 2013

Have you ever wondered if your tweets about work can get you in trouble? You can wonder no more with this new website that helps you check your potential for getting fired based on your tweets. L3S, a research center in Germany created FireMe!, a website that provides users with a way to check their firing potential via their online tool. Users simply type in their Twitter username and The FireMeter tells them their firing potential in terms of percentage. This percentage is based on the users’ job-related tweets.

The goal of FireMe! is to raise awareness about what it means to have data and information available to the public online. The website cites various news articles about people getting fired over inappropriate tweets or Facebook updates. Aside from calculating one’s firing potential, the tool can also be a good indicator of a person’s level of job satisfaction and help alert co-workers or even the boss (that is, if they know the person’s Twitter handle).

The team at L3S is working to further develop the FireMe! tool. The website currently has an English and Portuguese version, but the developers intend to make it available in German and in other languages.

Check out the site and find out if your tweets can get you fired.


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