USB Wipe Card Speeds Recycling Of Computers

USB Wipe Card Speeds Recycling Of Computers

A Kickstarter campaign proposes technology that securely erases data and loads educational content for children in developing countries.

Emma Hutchings
  • 26 april 2013

‘Pass IT On’ is a Kickstarter campaign that offers backers USB technology that can securely erase the data on their computer so they can recycle them or pass them on with confidence. Their objective is “to return value to our world by securely extending the life of computers whenever possible, keeping them out of landfills and using them for education.”

USB Wipe Card Helps To Recycle & Pass Your Computer Forward

The technology prevents the theft of your personal data and then streamlines the process of repurposing it for education or getting it into a certified stream for recycling. It can load educational content on the computer for teaching up to 3,000 kids in developing countries.

Every computer that is saved from a landfill makes an impact. The campaign notes that it saves 3,000 pounds of water, 520 pounds of fossil fuel (gasoline), and 48 pounds of chemicals comprising half the periodic table.

A USB pass is available for a pledge of $25 that can process up to five computers, with more expensive passes able to process more computers. You can check out the campaign video below:

Pass IT On

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