Play Pong on the side of a university building.

We've seen amazing light shows on buildings or an entire city skyline, but a gaming professor in Philadelphia takes light shows up several notches by turning a 437-foot tall building into one of the largest video game screens in the world. Dr. Frank Lee, the co-founder and co-director of the Game Design Program at Drexel University, is hosting a Pong tournament on the north face of the Cira Centre to kick off the  Philly Tech Week presented by AT&T.

The project was years in the making. Lee first dreamed about using the Cira Centre to play old school video games in 2008 and in 2009, he started conceptualizing the project and reaching out to Brandywine Realty, which owns and runs the Cira Centre. There wasn't a lot of support for the project back then and time was a constraint. In 2012, Philly Tech Week organizers began helping out and lobbying for the project, and early this year, Lee finally got approval to use the building.

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