Virtual Menus Give Patrons More Nutritional Information

Virtual Menus Give Patrons More Nutritional Information

A virtual menu offers up all the information you could want at a restaurant.

Ross Brooks
  • 4 april 2013

Dieting in one form or another has always been a part of people’s lives, even if it that just means maintaining a healthy and balanced diet day to day. Keeping track of everything you eat and how it fits into your daily requirements isn’t always easy, but it could become a lot less difficult using an app called Auggy.

The app was developed for an innovation competition at Georgia Tech and uses the latest aspects of augmented reality to give the user a complete experience. Including a 3D image of the food you’re looking at, along with floating panels that give extra data.

By using the camera of your tablet or phone, Auggy can see what’s on the menu and using the nutritional information of each choice, previous recommendations and other information entered by users, determine what the best choice for you is. Maybe you’re trying to lose a few pounds before the summer, bulk up or eat more vegetables, all of these can influence what type of foods Auggy recommends.

Another great use for Auggy is helping those with food allergies or specific dietary requirements (such as vegetarians or vegans) pick their food with complete confidence. That way you can be sure you’re not about to bite into something masquerading as a salad, which actually contains a healthy portion of meat.

Here’s a video that explores some of these points in a bit more detail:

Georgia Tech

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