Whirlpool Opts For The Non Stainless Steel Finish

Whirlpool Opts For The Non Stainless Steel Finish

Appliance maker hopes that its Ice Collection style can start a trend for kitchens everywhere.

Ross Brooks
  • 23 april 2013

Stainless steel may soon become the style of yesterday when it comes to kitchen appliances, as the popular manufacturer, Whirlpool, seems to have taken some inspiration from Apple’s range of products in an attempt align the kitchen with design elsewhere in the house.

The new premium finish is called “Ice Collection” and features clean lines, silver accents and minimalist controls. This new collection also aims to make appliances simpler to use, meaning they will perform the function they were intended for, with as few bells and whistles as possible.


Whirlpool is hoping the new line will appeal to those who want a modern style kitchen, but don’t want to be like everyone else who has opted for stainless steel. The unique design may also encourage customers to buy an upgrade for the whole kitchen, instead of just one or two items which would clash with their pre-existing appliances.

One final consideration the company has taken into account, is the current housing market. Whereas in recent years people were buying, renovating and looking to resell – the current trend seems to be to buy and hold. With personalisation being the main aim of many homeowners, what better way to do so than invest in a super sleek set of kitchen appliances.

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