What Will Be Inside The New World Trade Center?

What Will Be Inside The New World Trade Center?

Previews of the WTC Observatory show a 360 degree view of Manhattan combined with unique immersive displays.

Daniela Walker
  • 8 april 2013

The observation deck of the World Trade Center South Tower was known as the Top of the World. In the recently built One World Trade Center, that stands nearby the original towers, there will be a different deck, the One World Observatory, that will not only give visitors back that unparalleled view of New York but provide an experience and greater understanding of all that it took to build this new icon in the city’s skyline.


The experience will begin in the basement, where visitors will be taken on a whirlwind elevator ride 1,250 feet up in the air. Going from ground level to the 102nd floor in less than 60 seconds, these Skypod lifts will be some of the fastest in the world and will include state of the art virtual technology in the short trip to the deck. Upon arrival, visitors will be greeted with a presentation about the construction of the building, entitled ‘See Forever’ before a screen is lifted to reveal the 360 degree stunning views of New York, New Jersey and beyond. Use of technology will continue on the deck, with Tour Ambassadors explaining and displaying information about One WTC and New York City onto the observatory window without obstructing the views.


Legends Hospitality, who runs the concessions, retail merchandise, sales and marketing for stadiums and arenas, has won the bid to operate the observation deck, which will open in early 2015. Along with the digital experiences, there will be a restaurant and gift shop.

Watch the video below to see a virtual tour of One World Observatory:

World Trade Center

Header: Getty Images via Huffington Post

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