Abandoned Ice-Cream Shops Reflect Changing Consumer Taste [Pics]

Abandoned Ice-Cream Shops Reflect Changing Consumer Taste [Pics]
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From Twistee Treat to Dairy Queen, these stands and kiosks have not manages to stand the test of time.

Emma Hutchings
  • 21 may 2013

Abandoned ice cream stands and kiosks often have an eerie atmostphere, as the empty and quiet buildings stand in stark contrast to the happy and colorful places they once were when children and adults queued up inside to order a tasty cold treat.

Eerie Photos Of Abandoned Ice Cream Shops [Pics]

WebUrbanist has put together a gallery of abandoned ice cream shops that haven’t stood the test of time. It features a deteriorating Twistee Treat store, a faded Dairy Queen, and a decaying Tastee Freez, amongst others.

There are stands across America and also further afield in Japan and Egypt. The once distinctive locations with their cone-shaped structure or signage have become empty shells with faded paint. Click through to see some images of abandoned ice cream shops:


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