What Would Today’s Ads Say About Us To Future Civilizations?

What Would Today’s Ads Say About Us To Future Civilizations?

'Mad World' is a multimedia exhibition that takes the audience to a distant future, where five commercials are the only traces of our society left behind.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 may 2013

Audio Tour Hack was commissioned by The One Club and Creative Week — currently taking place in NYC, to create a new multimedia exhibition. ‘Mad World‘ transports the audience to a time where five ads are the only traces of our civilization left behind. It puts a unique twist on recent TV commercials and raises questions about ads as representations of real-life experiences and cultural symbols in general.

Audio Tour Hack Transforms Ads Into Archaeological Relics

The audience is taken to a distant future where the only traces left of our own civilization are 5 digital relics discovered in the ruins of an ancient human settlement called Old York. Little do the archaeologists of the future realize, they are actually just ads. Each commercial is interpreted as a serious documentation of what life was like for our ancient culture, much like how hieroglyphics are interpreted as depictions of Ancient Egyptian life. (Maybe they were just advertisements too.)

The five digital relics cover politics, city life, the environment, health and medicine, and mating ritual. The exhibition debuted this week during Creative Week 2013 and after will move to its permanent home at The One Club exhibition hall. You can check out an introduction and some of the relics in the videos below:

Mad World

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