'Les Robes Geographiques' uses replicas of cartographic artefact to create eye-catching fashions.

‘Les Robes Geographiques’ is a fashion project by the artist Elisabeth Lecourt, who lives and works in London. The series features dresses fashioned out of a wide variety of antique map replicas.

Some of the pleated dresses have bows on the front, others have buttons or collars. The unique designs are bold and eye-catching. There are replicas of a number of different maps, including the Voyage of Sir Francis Drake, an Atlantic Ocean map from 1585.

There is also a known world map from 1565, a historic city plan map of Dublin in Ireland from 1797, a Los Angeles panoramic sightseeing map from 1932, and a bird’s eye view of San Francisco from 1846. Click through to see a selection of Lecourt’s stunning dress designs:

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